PVP “King of Kings”

Check out everything about PVP! If you think Campaign mode is way to easy for you, then this Arena will be the right option for testing your skill!!

Welcome to PVP!! Yes, this is your Arena to prove that you are the best among the best!!

How to access it? Finish the Campaign 2-4, and then you’ll have the access to PVP!!

Before continuing to talk further, one thing needs to remind you Rangers, make sure your character is strong enough ^^

Once you finished the campaign 2 – 4, you can go “MODE” tab. Inside you’ll find the “PVP” is ready for you! Click the button and go!

Now you see 3 options inside PVP. 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, 4 vs 4.
Please remember that all opponents you’ll get inside will be random picked.
1 vs 1 means you’ll face single enemy and battle one on one.

2 vs 2 means you’ll have 1 random single partner to fight 2 random opponents.

4 vs4 a.k.a gangbang war :) means there’ll be 3 random partners to help you fighting 4 random opponents.

Pick the PVP you want to have.
Inside you’ll have waiting screen based on your pick.
If you select 1 vs 1, then you need only to wait 1 opponent to start the battle. If you pick 2 vs 2, then you need to wait 1 partner, 2 opponents and so on.




Once you found the required participant, then you can start the battle! Get ready!!

Fight your way to survive. Be the winner by beating the opponents as many as you can.
The more wins, the better rank you could have. The better rank will leads to better rewards.
Check this image to see what rewards you could get.

Things you need to know in this rank. High Score 1%, means that 1% from total, High Score 3% means that 3% from total, and so on.
Rewards? Diamonds that you can use it in almost everywhere, and the special POINT BLANK POINT that you can spend in BLACKMARKET!

Are you sure that you are ready for PVP?